How to ship a parcel to Russia.

#How to ship a parcel from Los Angeles to Russia.

There are many different ways to ship parcels to Russia from Los Angeles. I ship parcels to my parents, friends and online customers from Los Angeles to Russia for many years. Among the easiest and cheapest way to ship through Russian shipping companies, which specialize in shipping to Russia. I used shipping services Posilochka. This business opened from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., works every day including weekends by appointment. There is some consultation on how to best send parcels to Russia. As a matter of fact, I don’t know anything about shipping to Russia in terms of weight requirement, customs clearance and prohibited items to ship. Over three years of shipping internationally I learned some useful information about the easiest way to ship to Russia, and that experience I would like to share with others. The most important aspects to address when there is a time of preparation of packages in terms of allowable weight, the value of contents and items that are prohibited to ship to Russia.

#The best cheapest way to ship the parcel from Los Angeles to Russia.

#how to best send parcels to Russia, Ukraine, and other post-Soviet Union countries.

As a rule, when shipping a package to Russia there is a restriction on the amount of weight per box per receiver. Russia allows shipping no more than 30 kg or 66 pounds per box for one person per month. It does make sense to convert kg to pounds. Because over there, in Russia, boxes are scaled by kg, not pounds. If one kilogram has 2,2 pounds, then 30 kg would exactly count to 66 pounds.

Additionally, according to Russian customs, it is advisable that the three dimensions of the box would measure no more than 1 meter in length, 60 cm in width and 60 cm in height. Again, if on one centimeter has 2.54 inches, then here in the US the box measurements should be no more then 39 inches in length, 23 inches in width and 23 inches in height. This is very important because if the box is measured more then above shown dimensions, at first, there is a high possibility that Russian customs will not allow the box to enter into the country and the box will be sent back to the sender. At second, the box could be considered as a freight or commercial cargo and additional customs duties would be imposed on receiver. You can ship the size of the box less than above-shown dimensions, but no more than 1 meter to 60 cm and 60 cm on all sides.

Generally, shipping to Russia, the maximum allowable value of contents per box to one person per month should be no more than $500. If you ship some items, which are the same and counted more then ten, again, there is a possibility that customs would consider it as a commercial cargo. It usually does not apply if you ship some clothing, which is different in colors and design. For example, shipping phones, electronics, and other high-tech items are allowed; however, the general rule the contents of the box should be no more than $1,000 per box. Moreover, it is okay to ship one phone or a one notebook per box. However, in order to stay on the safe side, attach the receipt about the costs of contents, which should be less than $500. This would solve many questions. Once upon the time, I shipped a car toy to my friend that ordered it online. The car-toy cost about $998 all together with the costs of shipping to my place. I printed out the receipt and glow it on the box, the customs saw the receipt – the car toy does not cost more than $1,000. The box was delivered to address without incurring customs duties.

With attention to items that are prohibited to ship to Russia, I learned that shipping to Russia by air items such as perfume, or spray is prohibited. These items will be confiscated by customs immediately. Instead, these items are best to ship to Russia by sea. Essentially, there would be no questions. With this in mind no cash, credit, debit cards, precious stones, and metals are allowed in the box. The customs rules are pretty straightforward. Besides that, no-perishable food is allowed. Except, sending some chocolate, nuts, tea, coffee, canned or dry food. If anything shipped in liquid or in powdered form, for example, laundry detergent or hand soap, please make sure that it is in factory made a package and was not opened before. Pain-relievers, vitamins, or supplements brought in the store, over the counter and do not require the medical prescription from the doctor are permissible to ship.

All things considered, it is very important to consider all the details. For example, shipping by air requires calculation of physical weight and weight by volume. Whatever weight is higher then the rate calculation is based on that weight. Physical weight scaled in pounds by putting the box on a scale. Volume weight is calculated by measuring the box in inches or in centimeters. All three sides, for instance in inches, length, width and height is multiplied and the total is dived by 200. If volume weight is higher then physical, the the rate calculation would be based on volume weight. 

When shipping a box to Russia, there is no same answer to each shipping question, each box and contents of the box are different. It is important to know small details that will result in the easiest, headache – free way to ship to Russia. After all, weight and size requirements, the value of contents and items that are prohibited to ship are most important aspects to consider when it is a time to prepare the package for shipping to Russia.

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