What is insurance available?

Each package is insured up to $100 plus costs of shipping. The insurance is paid out to the sender only in case of the full loss of the packages. The insurance for packages with partially missing or broken contents, damaged packages is not refundable.

If a higher amount of insurance is desired, this will take an additional 5% of commission from the value of the package.

Do you offer the warehouse's address to send packages?

Yes, we accept parcels in our warehouse address from online-stores and ship them overseas. Please email to us at [email protected]

What is the maximum allowable weight for parcels?

Depending on the country of destination and customs rules. Each country has its own allowable weight and value of the contents.

Russia and Kazakhstan - from 10 to 66 pounds for one person per month. The value of the contents is - $500. Ukraine, Moldova - from 10 to 100 pounds for one person per month. The value of the contents is no more than $100. Belarus - from 10 to 22 pounds and the value of the contents is no more than $20. Countries of the Baltic States and the European Union - from 10 to 100 pounds. The value of the contents is $45.

Please call for information.

Attention: the sender or the receiver is responsible for any customs fees that may occur during the process of shipping.


Do you pick up from home?

Yes, we pick up parcels from home. Depending on your location we charge an additional fee for pick-ups.

What is average time to ship a parcel?

Depending on the way of shipping usually, it takes from 2-3 weeks to ship by air. Russian parcels will take from 3 to 4 weeks of delivery.

Sea shipping takes from 2 to 4 months of delivery. Two months is the normal time; however, during winter months the sea container will take from 3- to 4 months of delivery.


What is prohibited to ship?

Most common answer: we don't ship perfumes by air. It is prohibited by customs laws. If you need to ship perfumes please send it by sea.

Other stuff that is prohibited: perishable food, jewelry from precious metals, precious metals, cash, credit cards, weapons and ammunition, drugs, animals, liquor and tobacco products.

You can ship medication that is bought over the counter, but not the medication that is prescribed by doctor.

It is okay to ship dry food, canned food, nuts and dry fruits, candies, chocolate, tea, and coffee.